The Bale Chaser Jr. is a simple and nimble stacker that has been optimized for a smaller tractor. It is a pleasure to operate and can still keep up with 2 balers in the same field. This stacker is a great option for smaller farming operations where a larger stacker is unnecessary or in situations where a heavier machine could get stuck or leave deep ruts in soft ground.

Recommended minimum tractor size 130hp
Minimum hydraulics GPM 25
Max hydraulics pressure from tractor 3,500 lbs
Loading arms lift capacity 3,000 lbs
Electrical system 12 volt
Bale length 6.5 ft to 9.5 ft.
Bale weight max 3,000 lbs
Bale sizes 3×3 – 3×4 – 4×4
Max quantity of bales per load 6 3×4 – 4 4×4
Bales stacked per hour 180 3x4s
Bale chaser Jr. empty weight 9,200 lbs
Length 28ft
Width (to outside of tires) 9’8″
Height empty 8’6″
Height loaded 9ft
Recommended barn height for stacking 20ft
Tire size (high floatation) 550/45-22.5 (20 ply)

Low Maintenance Hydraulic System
-Less oil leaks with O-Ring face seal connections
-High flow oil capacity
-Easily switches from open or closed systems
-12v DC

Heavy Duty Frame
-Large pivot pins
-Grade 8 bolts
-Greasable pins throughout
-Replaceable bushings
-Enhanced reliability

Industrial Grade Cylinders
-Induction hardened shafts
-Decreases downtime
-Low Maintenance
-Super Easy to Operate
-Electro Hydraulic Control
-Automated or Joystick control