The Bale Chaser was designed to tackle big jobs and long days in the field. It was built to be robust and it will handle thousands of bales with ease. Engineered with the large scale farmer and the custom operator in mind this machine is as easy to operate as it is to maintain. The Bale Chaser is our original high speed big bale stacker that has led the industry since its introduction in 2009.

Recommended minimum tractor size 200hp
Minimum hydraulics GPM 25
Max hydraulics pressure from tractor 3,500 lbs
Loading arms lift capacity 6,000 lbs
Electrical system 12 volt
Bale length 6.5 ft to 9.5 ft.
Bale weight max 3,000 lbs
Bale sizes 3×3 – 3×4 – 4×4
Max quantity of bales per load 18 3×3 – 14 3×4 – 8 4×4
Bales stacked per hour 180 3x4s
Bale chaser empty weight 18,400 lbs
Length 28ft
Width (to outside of tires) 11’9″
Height empty 13’8″
Height loaded 14ft
Recommended barn height for stacking 24ft
Tire size (high floatation) 550/45-22.5 (20 ply)
Tongue weight empty 3,900 lbs
Tongue weight loaded 3,900 lbs
Tongue weight unloading -7,400 lbs
Load capacity 25,000 lbs

Simple Operation for Fast Efficiency
-Electro Hydraulic Control
-Automated or Joystick controlled

Low Maintenance Hydraulic System
-Less oil leaks with O-Ring face seal connections
-High flow oil capacity
-Easily switches from open or closed systems
-12v DC

Heavy Duty Frame
-Large pivot pins
-Grade 8 bolts
-Half inch steel
-Greasable pins throughout
-Replaceable bushings
-Enhanced reliability

Industrial Grade Cylinders
-Induction hardened shafts
-Decreases downtime
-Reliable long life service

Walking Beam Suspension
-Reduced operator fatigue
-Increase operating speed
-Better durability
-Smoother over pivot tracks, Corrugated & rough fields

Pick Up Arms
-Dual arms improve pickup time
-Gentler on bales

Original Rolling Rack Design
-Keeps bales from falling or rolling over as bales move to the back
-Optimum efficiency
-More bales per hour

Optional Features
-Economical alternative tires for applications that don’t require high floatation
-Equalizer arms (Centers top bales, assists on hillsides & rough fields, better stack quality in adverse conditions)